Day 12 - Pine Creek train to destiny

  Pine Creek was where Borella caught the train north on the final leg of his 1000 kilometre journey. It’s a small place with a big heart, where gold mining and iron ore still dominate the small town of 250 people. Pine Creek is the southern gateway to Kakadu National Park, and Borella would have been glad of any of the camping facilities up to the many-star resort. He would have rubbed shoulders with the miners who had established a centre there from the 1870s. Some, like Alf O’Neill, signed up and carried on their mining overseas under German lines. O’Neill was part of the famous explosive attack of the Battle of Messines, characterized in the film Beneath Hill 60. Steven Hennessy, Mayor of Victoria Daly Regional Council, says: “Many people served from here in the Great more


Borella as an Officer – Destined to Lead

Albert Borella’s earlier life in the Northern Territory gives us an indication of why he was selected to be an officer. Here was a man who had taken up challenge after challenge. Leave the farm in more

Day 10 - A Bicyling Borella would have Been Better

Borella would have envied a modern bicycle as a means of getting up the Track. James Kelly and Michele Bates from Vancouver are covering nearly 100 kilometres a day, more than we can do with horses. more

Day 8 - What would we do without them?

  One thousand kilometers of nothing to do is not to be envied, but in many respects that’s the hope of the volunteer ambulance team on The Borella Ride. We’re fortunate of course – 100 more

Day 8 - Laid Back in Larrimah

Once an important southern part of the Northern Territory’s rail network, Larrimah is a quiet shadow of its former self, but the Larrimah Pub is full of bird life, some tropical snakes, and a few more

Day 7 - The iconic Daly Waters

  Borella and his horse would have trotted on by Daly Waters, where we are now, but only because the new fangled flying machines had not got that far yet. Flying – a major activity around Daly more

Day 6 - Dunmarra Destination

  Albert Borella VC would not have stopped in Dunmarra on his journey 100 years ago, as Dunmarra wasn’t established until the 1930s.  But the Territory soldier-to-be would have been grateful more

Day 5 - Despair and Determination in the Outback

  It would be easy to reach despair in the Outback 100 years ago and today as well. Gloom and doom was a little north of Elliott, perhaps. By ten in the morning the temperature has climbed well more

Day 4 - The Creativity of Camp Cooks

  Their day starts long before anyone else’s. Camp cooks Bill and Heather Anderson are up before the first glow of light warms the eastern horizon. The camp fire is still warm from last more

Day 3 - Renner Springs an Oasis for Borella

  Renner Springs is on a highway to nowhere, or so it seems. But for Albert Borella a century ago, it was an oasis. It was where he transitioned from walking to riding – and for that reason more

Day 3 - Memorial Boards to commemorate our journey

  Renner Springs Roadhouse owners Alan and Christine Rendell were presented with the first Borella VC memorial board last night by the son of the Territory’s foremost soldier. As the Borella more

Day 2 - A poignant moment for The Borella Ride

Stopping by the monument to the first Territory policeman who died on duty was an especially poignant moment for The Borella Ride team member, Tim George. Like the man on the monument, Tim is an NT more

Day 2 - Meeting an Outback Motorcyclist on his own WWI Journey

  We meet some interesting people on the road during The Borella Ride. John Wheeler is one such man. His Yamaha Tenere motorcycle carries three military medal illustrations, all dating from more

Day 1 - The Borella Ride Commencement Ceremony - Tennant Creek

  Tennant Creek has never seen a Victoria Cross before, let alone two. But on the first morning of The Borella Ride, Rowan Borella, the 81-year old son of Captain Albert Borella VC, held aloft more

Remembering Local Serviceman - Sergeant James McDonald

James McDonald left the Territory to fight in the Great War in March 1915. He was recognised twice for his conduct on the field of battle, fighting in Gallipoli and the Western Front. He returned more

Arrival of Albert Borella's Victoria Cross

  Albert Borella’s Victoria Cross arrived in Darwin yesterday, accompanied by Rowan Borella – son of Albert Borella – and wife, Mary. The Victoria Cross was escorted in an more

Remembering local servicemen - Frank Brazill

Albert Borella was one of 462 Territorians who volunteered to fight in World War I. Read the story of Frank Brazill, a stockman from Alice Springs who became a Light Horseman and was involved in many more

Where Blackadder Blunders

  The fourth series of the famous TV comedy show Blackadder is set in World War I.  It stars actors who are now – 20 years after the production – household names: Rowan Atkinson, Stephen more

Remembering local servicemen - Alfred O'Neill

  Albert Borella was one of 462 Territorians who volunteered to fight in World War I. Read the story of Alfred O’Neill, a miner from Pine Creek who was very determined to more

Borella family joins historic ride

The grandson of the Territory’s only Victoria Cross recipient will help re-enact the war hero’s historic journey to enlist, as part of next year’s ANZAC Centenary commemorations. “Albert more

Remembering Borella's Ride

The inspiring journey of Albert Borella to join the combat of World War I will be re-enacted as part of the Territory’s Anzac Centenary Program in 2015. “The 100th anniversary of World War I is more